General Hostel Rules

1. The Hostels are under the direct control of the Chief Warden who is vested with powers to interpret and enforce the rules. She is assisted in the day-to-day management of the hostel by the Warden and the Deputy Wardens.

2. The Warden will be in charge of the day to day administration and shall allocate, oversee and guide the work of the Deputy Wardens and the Hostel Staff. Approval of the Chief Warden will be required for creating or changing the rules of the Hostel.

3. Student Office Bearers of the hostel shall be nominated on the basis of academic merit by the Chief Warden.

4. Students who are guilty of using foul language and unruly behaviour or assaulting or attempting to assault the Hostel staff will render themselves liable for punishment which may extend to dismissal from the Hostel and the College.

5. Sticking or nailing of pictures and writing on the walls, windows and doors and scratching, spoiling and defacing the painting or the finishes of the walls and floors of the hostel are strictly prohibited. In such cases, the cost of repairing and refinishing the entire room will be collected from the students residing in the room. Other punishments may also be imposed.

6. Mess dues and other dues are to be paid every month before the last date for payment; defaulters will be barred from dining in the mess after the due date.

7. Hostel residents applying for leave of absence from the College should have their leave letters countersigned by the Warden/Deputy Wardens.

8. Inmates shall avoid activities and behaviour which cause noise or disturbs or distracts the other residents.

9. Possession or reading or of materials of obscenity circulation is strictly prohibited. Offenders shall be summarily expelled from the hostel.

10. Study hours (8.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.) must be strictly observed. Students must remain in their respective rooms during these hours and after the silence bell, they should be found engaged in study.

11. Misconduct or breach of hostel rules will render the offender liable to punishment ranging from admonition and fine to suspension or dismissal from the Hostel and the College.

12. Inmates are not permitted to convene meetings or circulate and put up notices in the Hostel without the permission of the Warden / Deputy Warden.

13. Inmates shall not issue orders to the hostel servants and shall not interfere in their day to day duties.

14. Misbehaviour on the part of the servants and co-residents shall be reported to the Wardens immediately with full particulars. Inmates are not permitted to resort to direct retaliation like picking up quarrels, verbal and physical assault, etc.

15. Inmates of the Hostel shall not enter the kitchen without the prior permission of the Wardens.

16. The Warden may refuse admission to the Hostel to any student and expel from the hostel, any inmate, without assigning reasons.

17. An inmate of the hostel who desires to vacate the hostel must give notice of his / her intention in writing at least a week before the proposed date of leaving. Caution deposit, after deduction of dues including the mess bill for the last month, will be refunded only when he / she completes the course and leaves the College.

18. Additional charges will be collected at the discretion of the Chief Warden for the use of the following in the hostel rooms :

i) Tape Recorders and Radio Sets. ii) Iron Boxes. iii)Heaters and other Electrical appliances. iv) Computers and TV Sets. v) Hair Dryers. 19. Use of alcohol and narcotic drugs inside the hostel campus is strictly prohibited. Students found using these will be expelled from the Hostel and College immediately.

20. Inmates found indulging in ragging in the hostel will be expelled forthwith from the Hostel and the College and other action as per law will be initiated.

21. Inmates shall not visit the rooms of other inmates between 09.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.

22. Inmates proceeding to the II year of their course of study with arrears of more than 1 subject and to the III year with arrears of more than 3 subjects will be required to vacate the Hostel.