National  Service Scheme :

        The NSS Units of the college with about 200 members drawn from all classes has a very active programme of service activities.
        Interested student enroll themselves in the NSS unit to render service and gain knowledge and insights.
        The units are headed by Mr.V.Kalaigandhi , Lecturer in Microbiology assisted by Mr.R.Muthuvinaygam, Lecturer in the Tamil Department.


        Man, a creation, is born to create, invent, inoovate and serve the another, hence the great epics of any religion quotes” It is best to serve and not to be served”.
        Rotary -  A movement started in 1905 by Paul.P.Harris entromes as a synonym for above extract. It is a movement incepted for rendering best services to the humanity. This gave birth to ROTRACT a movement for the people of age 18-30 years to share their work and it was commenced in 1968 March 13.
        This esteemed movement was installed in our college on 26th of March 2010 with Rtr.K.Gowtham as President and Rtr.Prithima as Secretary.
 Constuients of Rotract:
        *Club Service
        *Community Service
        *Professional Service
        *International service
 Our district theme for this year is “TO CREATE A MILE STONE”.

Youth Red Cross (YRC):

        A  youth red cross unit is functioning in the college with 100 members drawn from different classes.  The youth red cross members actively involve themselves in service activities chief Among which are the frequent blood donation camps in collaboration with the PSG Hospitals.
The unit is headed by Mr.S.Gurusamy, Lecturer in the Tamil Department.

Women's Study Centre(WSC):

       The Women’s Studies Centre of Dr. G. R. Damodaran College of Science has been sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi and was endorsed from   July 2009. The primary objective of the centre is promoting action oriented projects and the programmes determined are Awareness / Sensitization programmes, Training programmes, Seminar, Guest lecture, Social action, Capacity building programmes, Consultancy and Research. The centre acts as a catalyst for encouraging women’s empowerment through capacity building programmes principally for the Self Help Groups. The overall approach of women’s studies centre is multi-disciplinary. To start with, it has been planned to carry as an action oriented project with the following objectives: 
        *Engender awareness on various issues like health, legal rights and changing trends of economic aspects.
        *Training programmes for women to uplift the standard of their living.
        *Dissemination of information to the rural public.
        *Research exclusively focusing on women unbound to their age.
        *Networking with the Women’s Studies Centre of the other institutions.
        *Aim to enhance the action oriented centre into an academic discipline.