Value Addition

        Seminars, Guest lectures, field and industrial visits and other interactions serve to explore areas of specialized expertise, and expose the students to the real world professional problems, challenges and work environment. Many of the programmes take the form of workshops, seminars and interactions with the on-the-job professionals both locally and at places like Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Chennai etc. Students are encouraged to take up mini projects and industrial training in industries in and around India and abroad.

        Students are motivated and provided opportunities to become computer and internet conversant, and to appreciate the potentials of the Informatics and Business/Commerce Interface as manifested by IT applications in e-commerce, IT enabled services, logistics, etc.


        Considerable attention and effort are devoted to secure placements for the students through campus interviews as well as to arrange recruitment opportunities at major metropolitan centres. Cent percent placement is achieved. A lot of students are working outside India.

Research Interests

        Business and Trade related country studies, consumer studies, Export problems and prospects, Logistics and Supply Chain management, Banking and Finance.

        SCIB has produced around 20 M.Phil(FT) scholars and 3 Ph.D. scholars and currently five Ph.D. scholars are enrolled.

Consultancy / Extension

        Consultancy and Information services related to Foreign Trade, shipping, Logistics and Supply Chain Management are offered.