MA (Mass Communication) Programme

        Communication as an art gained recognition as a propaganda tool during World War II. Strategies that were developed subsequently found application in advertising for products and brands. More recently, the Mass Media have been harnessed as tools to channelise positive thinking towards political, social and developmental issues, besides being used as vehicles of education and entertainment.

        The 2 year (4 semester) M.J.M.C (Journalism and Mass Communication) programme covers the concepts, art and technology and technology and management aspects of Mass Communication in key areas like development, advertising, public relations and journalism. Specific subjects of study include: Introduction to the Theories and Concepts of Communication, Skills of Reporting and Editing, Media History: Laws and Ethics, Advertising, Media Management, Public Relations, Print Production Technologies, Film Studies and Photography, Mass Media Research, Broadcast Journalism, International Communication, Development Communication Theories and Practices, Marketing Communication and Practical Approaches to Market Place, Computer Technology and Contemporary Applications, etc.

        The Programme follows the scheme of subjects – theory and practical framed by the college - under autonomous status to offer the students a creative and professional perspective of the field. It comprises 14 theory subjects, 4 practicals and a dissertation in the final semester to be undertaken in an industry of the students’s choice. Media internships at the end of the II and IV semesters of 3 weeks duration each are integral requirements.

B Sc (Visual Communication)  

        The 3 year B Sc (Visual Communication) gives comprehensive introduction to the media communication both its theory and practice. Up to date laboratory facilities enhance the practical hands on learning of media design and production – audio, video, journalism, web page – and enable production of short films and VCD’s etc.

        Visual Communication B.Sc graduate have opportunities for higher study - MA (Mass Communication), M.Sc Electronic Media, MBA and other specialized courses and have excellent employment openings in Advertising, Graphics, Audio, Video production, Journalism etc.

Research Interests

        Media Audiences, Media impact on culture, Audio Visual Communication.


        Services offered include : Design and production of Audio and Video materials, Documentaries, Video films, Advertising shots, Print and Graphics material. Training courses in Media production and Media applications etc.