Library Services

Transaction Service : ISSUE

      The faculty members may borrow 10 documents from the library at a time. The Non-Teaching staff members are eligible to draw 5 documents at a time.

      Student members are eligible, according to their category, as follows:

Student Category               Eligibility
UG Students                       3 Documents
PG Students                       4 Documents
Research Scholars            5 Documents

Due Period:

S.No      Type of Document                                                         Loan Period
1.            Reference Books (only for Faculty)                               28 days
2.            Books                                                                             28 days
3.            Project Reports                                                              28 days
4.            Compact Discs (CDs)                                                   24 hours
      Members borrowing documents are required to produce their ID card at the library counter at the time of issue.

      Library will take all possible efforts to maintain the accounts of the members properly; however, members should make sure that entries are in order before leaving the issue counter.

      While getting the documents on loan the members are expected to satisfy themselves that the documents are in good condition and; if not, draw the attention of library staff to the defects. If documents are found mutilated or damaged at the time of their return, the borrower will be held responsible.

      The counter transactions such as issue and return of documents will be closed at 4.45 pm. ( Issues only on Working Days) Books marked “For Reference only” will not be available on loan.

      Periodicals and back volumes are not lent out.


      Users are required to return the borrowed documents on or before the due date entered in the due date slip of the book.

      Users can return the library documents on any library working day.

      Borrowers who fail to return the documents on or before the due date are liable to pay Rs. 2/- per day for a book and Rs. 5/- per day for overnight issues as overdue charges. Overdue charges will not be collected from faculty members.

      If a document remains unreturned over a long period beyond the due date with no reason therefor reported, the library will stop lending documents to the defaulter and the matter will be intimated to the Principal.

      The library will display the overdue documents with the name of the borrower in the library notice board at the end of every month. Non – receipt of reminder is no reason for not returning the documents in time.

      All documents borrowed from the library are to be returned when the borrower is proceeding on tour, leave of any kind, deputation etc.

      All library users are requested to return the borrowed documents to the respective libraries at the end of each academic year as their production is compulsory for stock verification.

Loss of Resource

      Any person responsible for damage or loss to any of the library documents will be required to replace the same document within the period set by the library or to pay the fine and overdue charges, if any.

      If any member loses a single volume from multi-volume set, he/she will have to pay the total cost of the entire set or replace the volume.

Reservation facility is also available

      A member is eligible to have only one reservation at any time. When the reserved document gets returned, the documents availability will be conveyed to the member through mobile or e- mail Id only.

      The validity period of reservation is as per the library norms.

      The reservation form is available at the library counter.

Reference Service

      Reference queries will be answered on request.

      The library reference service will be available up to 7 pm on working days and up to 5 pm on Holidays of GRDCS (Including Sunday).

Reprographic Service

      A fully equipped reprographic facility is available at the library. The library will render this reprographic service to users and visitors against payment at the rate of Re. 1 /- per page.