Academic Regulations

The students are governed by the MBA degree regulations of the Bharathiar University and should fulfill the prescribed requirements to qualify for the degree. The MBA course spans a duration of 2 years, split into 4 semesters and the course work comprises subjects of study theory and practical and projects and other components as given in the curricular structure.


The Academy insists on a high level of attendance, diligence and progress in course work and good behaviour. Students who fall short, or are in any way indifferent, irregular or negligent, will be asked to leave the institution and in such an event the Academy will not be liable for any claims.

As per Bharathiar University guidelines on attendance requirements, students who have secured atleast 75% of attendance in a semester or who have obtained condonation of shortage of attendance will be eligible to appear for the examination of that semester. Shortage of attendance upto 10% may be condoned by the competent authority.