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The MBA curriculum is delivered in four semesters scheduled in two academic years. The academic year commences during July.

While the first year provides a solid footing to the students in the basics of business and its related disciplines, the second year offers students the opportunity to specialize in a field of their choice from among Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Systems.

Although the MBA programme is based on the framework of the University syllabus and examination requirements, the MBA coursework at the Academy seeks to go beyond text book based rote learning and set exercises, to become an exciting and rewarding learning adventure which Would help internalize the principles and skills learnt and develop the behaviour, attitudes and intellectual abilities appropriate for professional effectiveness in management.

To this end class room work is supplemented by self-study assignments and learning opportunities like seminars and workshops (on campus and outstation), guest lectures, paper presentations, simulations, case studies, role plays etc. These are topped off by intensive exposure to the demands of the real life business situations and problems through projects and other interactions. Frequent lectures by top managers and consultants are arranged. The thriving entrepreneurial and industrial culture of Coimbatore provides the enriching ambience for student development. Periodic visits to the industrial establishments at Coimbatore and in major cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Kochi enable students to have a feel of more complex real life business situations.

Regular classes are held between 9.30 a.m. and 04.30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. During the Management Practice sessions, students are engaged in group discussions, presentations on corporate news, analysis of cases, small exercises in team work etc.