Secretary's Desk
Mrs.Geetha Padmanaban
I am happy to communicate to you through our official website. As a sense of pride that under the GRD brand we have dedicated to the society a stand-alone Management Institution with world-class infrastructure, in order to cater to the needs of management aspirants and the industries.

Swami Vivekananda says, "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man". Yes; any education system would be meaningful and successful when it is capable of bringing out, exhibiting and moulding the potentials of the students. The youth - especially the students of today are filled with lots of potentials. If those potentials are channelized in a proper way, they can achieve anything in their academic and professional careers.

I strongly believe that an institution should not mechanically prepare the students with mere domain knowledge and expertise alone; they should be firmly trained in the ethics, values and culture of our country also. Especially, for the future managers, professional ethics and business etiquettes are highly essential along with the management wisdom and the business acumen.

Taking all these things into consideration GRDAM has evolved such a system that ensures producing competent and socially responsible executives who will contribute their best for nation building.

As laid down by the interesting concept "KAIZEN", continuous improvement in the system, consistent up gradation of faculty-competency and the systematic delivery of the MBA process are the core-strength areas of GRDAM.

We use to say the MBA aspirants: "Just walk-in, comply with our system and walk-out with a difference".

We do not consider management education as a mere academic programme. It is a process. It is the process of converting a mere graduate into a competent management professional. A complete transformation takes place. It simply requires 3-A's: Anticipation, Awareness, Action and 3-D's: Dedication, Diligence, Discipline. v We are ready with a concrete plan to take the aspirants to the new heights! Come, join hands with us; we will do lots of wonders!

All the best!

Mrs. Geetha Padmanaban