Scholastic Activities

Mini Teaching Programme

       Mini Teaching provides a simple form of teaching situation and aims at gradual integration of skills besides aiming to fit mini lesson in the real macro teaching program. Our Student teachers have undergone rigorous training in the mini teaching. So that they could practice the various skills with confidence and interest.

Innovative School Visit

       It was instructed by the TNTEU to visit the schools by the student teachers to observe the practices and the skills involved in the schools to widen their knowledge in their scholastic action. The student teachers have to visit the schools where innovative techniques are practiced to develop the skills for the students and also for the teachers to enrich and empower their way of teaching. The school visit, not only to be acquainted with the innovative practices but also to be aware of the healthy practices followed in schools.

Reflective Journal / Diary:

       A Reflective Journal is a tool that allows students to reflect on and write about progress in their learning. They can identify and reflect on success and challenges. Teachers can gain information on what the student thinks and feels in a non-threatening way.

Student's Portfolio:

       A Student's Portfolio is compilation of academic work and other forms of educational evidence assembled for the purpose of evaluating course Quality, learning progress and academic achievements over time.