The Two Year B.Ed. Degree Programme

The curricular structure and contents (Scheme and details of subjects of study and practicals) prescribed by the Tamilnadu Teachers Education University for the Two year B.Ed degree course, are followed in the institution. The NCTE has permitted to admit Two basic units of 50 Students each for the B.Ed. course.The Scheme comprises Theory and Practical components. The list of Courses that are provided in our College for the 1st and 2nd year are as follows:


1.THEORY COMPONENTS (for 900 Marks)

I.GROUP-A: Perspectives in Education

                        1. Psychology of Learners and Learning (FPEPL)
                        2. Education in Contemporary India (FPEEC)
                        3. Education and Socialization (FPEES)
                        4. Essentials of Teaching and Learning (FPEET)

II.GROUP-B: Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies

                        1. For UG/PG degree holders, pedagogy Part-I will be the main discipline at the UG/PG level
                        2. Assessment of Learning (FCPAL)

III.GROUP-C: Enhancing Professional Capabilities

                        1. Yoga, Health and Physical Education (FEPCY)
                        2. Environmental Education (FEPCE)
                        3. Information and Communication Technology in Education (FEPCI)

2.PRACTICAL WORK (for 600 Marks)

                         The Practical work will include School Internship, Observation, Demonstration, Micro Teaching, Preparation and Contribution of Teaching Learning Materials to different Schools, Reflective records on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) practices in the cluster schools, Test and Measurement, Psychology Experiment, Environmental Education, Case Study, Educational Technology, Citizenship Training Camp, Yoga, Health and Physical Education.

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