Theory Courses for First Year

Course 1 Childhood and Growing Up
Course 2 Contemporary India and Education
Course 3 Learning and Teaching
Course 4 Language across the Curriculum
Course 5 Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
Course 6 Gender, School and Society
Course 7(a) Pedagogy of a School subject - Part - I (Methodology)

Engagement with the Field for First Year
Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC)

Course EPC 1 Reading and Reflecting on Texts
Course EPC 2 Drama and Art in Education
Course EPC 3 Critical Understanding of ICT

Theory Courses for Second Year

Course 7(b) Pedagogy of a School Subject - Part II (Content Mastery)
Course 8 Knowledge and Curriculum
Course 9 Assessment for Learning
Course 10 Creating an Inclusive School
Course 11 Optional Courses: (Any one)
     1. Yoga, Health and Physical Education
     2. Environmental Education
     3. Values and Peace Education

Engagement with the Field (EPC) for Second Year
Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC)

Course EPC 4 Understanding the Self School Internship

II -Year Practical Work

The Practical work will include
    * Teaching Competency (School Internship),
    * Observation,
    * Demonstration,
    * Lesson Plan,
    * Instructional Materials,
    * Tests and Measurements,
    * Mini Teaching,
    * Visits to innovative Schools and Healthy Practices,
    * Students Portfolio,
    * Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) practices in the cluster schools,
    * Reflective Journal / Diary,
    * Environmental Education,
    * Community Based Engagement or Skill Development,
    * Teaching Learning Material Preparation,
    * Power Point Presentation,
    * Non Scholastic Activities,
    * Drama and Art related Activities.