Biological Science Department

                         Biology is fundamental in the most literal sense of the word. It's all about how things live, breed, breathe and die, it's about the gears that keep us and everything else loudly chugging along.
                         Study of biology develops the will to know facts, sprit of enquiry and judgment above prejudice. Moreover study of this subject develops not only high regard for truth but also the search for our environment. By this biology gratifies and quenches the thirst of our knowledge and makes us intellectually valuable. The knowledge of biology helps to solve the various problems regarding pollution growth ecological imbalances bioengineering of biology etc. It is necessary to have some elementary knowledge of biology for becoming a useful member of a community and apply it to the daily life. Here, Biology students are prepared vocationally and become useful members of society.
                         In the present setup, the teacher is the pilot in every schemes of work the success or failure of a biology course depends on the teacher. Biology departments provides scientific knowledge, professional training, new technique of teaching, methods of evaluation, improvisation of science apparatus, equipments, science kit, club activities, able to operate OHP, LCD projectors etc. to meet the challenges in education.

Biological Science Club Activities

       * Science Expo
       * Science Day Celebration
       * Project work
       * Group Discussion in developing scientific attitude
       * Tree Plantation
       * Medical Camp
       * Environment Awareness Programme