Library Timings:

                         The library will be open on all working days between 9.30 a.m. and 4.10 p.m. Students may borrow books at that time.

Library Rules:

       * Every Student of the College on the rolls has the privilege to be a member of the College Library, unless barred by reason of suspension or other disqualification.
       * Library cards are issued soon after the student enrolment lists are computerized. Each card entitles the holder (whose name appears on the card) to borrow one book. The cards are not transferable and should not be lent. The holder of the card is responsible for the return of the book borrowed on it, and so should keep his cards in safe custody, and ensure that they are not lost or misplaced. If a card is lost or is damaged, the holder shall pay a fine of Rs. 100/-.
       * Strict silence shall be maintained in the Library.
       * Before entering the Library, students shall deposit their Personal belongings at the Personal property shelf.
       * Students should produce their identity cards along with their Library cards while asking books to be issued from the Library.
       * Loud consultations, animated conversations and other activities which may disturb others are Strictly Prohibited.
       * The Borrowers and users shall exercise utmost care in the use of the Books and other facilities of the Library. They would be held liable for any damage caused to the books or other properties of the Library.
       * Library users may obtain books from the closed cupboards upon a specific request to the Librarian.
       * No book shall be taken out of the Library without due entry in the Issue Register.
       * Reference Books must be consulted in the library itself. No Reference Book shall be taken out of the Library.
       * Folding and tearing of the pages, underlining, clipping and annotating of books are forbidden. A fine of Rs. 100/- per page will be levied if the Books are found to be damaged.
       * Before leaving the counter, the Borrower shall satisfy himself / herself as to whether the Books lent to him/her are in a sound condition. Should there be any damages, mutilations, missing pages or other deficiencies, the same shall immediately be brought to the notice of the Librarian. The last borrower is held responsible for any unrecorded damages found in a Book and is liable to replace the book or pay such compensation as may be determined by the Principal.
       * The books borrowed should be returned to the Library on or before the due date failing which a fine of Rs. 4/- will be levied per day of delay per Book.
       * Irrespective of the due dates, the Books borrowed from the Library must be returned without fail two days before the last day of the Course Work of the year.
       * Transfer Certificates / Conduct Certificates and deposit refunds will not be issued to an outgoing student unless he/she has returned the Books and the tickets issued to him and remitted the dues, if any, payable by him/her.
       * Students should not sub-lend Library Books issued to them.
       * Students should take good care of the Library Books. If a student happens to lose any Book, he/she should replace the book or he/she should pay the replacement cost of the book and a fine as decided by the Principal at his discretion.

Book Statistics

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