The Two Year D.El.Ed. Programme

The curricular structure and contents (Scheme and details of subjects of study and practicals) prescribed by the State Council of Educational Research and Training for the Two year D.El.Ed. course, are followed in the institution. The NCTE has permitted to admit one unit of 50 Students for the D.El.Ed. course. The Scheme comprises Theory and Practical components. The Syllabus is as formulated by the S.C.E.R.T., and approved by the Government.

Curriculum : Syllabus:

FIRST YEAR (900 Marks)

                        1. The Learning Child
                        2. Facilitating and Enhancing Learning I
                        3. Teaching of Tamil I
                        4. Teaching of English I
                        5. Teaching of Mathematics I
                        6. Teaching of Science I
                        7. Teaching of Social Science I
                        8. Practicum

SECOND YEAR (900 Marks)

                        1. Indian Education System
                        2. Facilitating and Enhancing Learning II
                        3. Teaching of Tamil II
                        4. Teaching of English II
                        5. Teaching of Mathematics II
                        6. Teaching of Science II
                        7. Teaching of Social Science II
                        8. Practicum